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Mohammad Abd al-Aziz Arafat Abdo al-Bostany, an Egyptian civil engineer known as an expert Egyptian real estate and one of the most prominent real estate investors in New Cairo He founded one of the major real estate development companies in New Cairo, which is Al bostanyi for Real Estate Development since 1985 and has many achievements and constructions with a total of More than 200 projects in the field of real estate development, and he also held the position of president of the Association of Developers New Cairo, the administrative capital, and also assumed the position of Vice President of the Investment Division Real estate in the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce. He also has many other important positions.

Professional History

He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, with the rank of second in the batch and first in his class in the graduation project He worked as a civil engineer after graduating from the Egyptian-English Lilly Solidarity Company. He worked on huge mega projects such as the sewage tunnels project for Greater Cairo and learned the art of management and modern technology He worked as a department head engineer in the American Contractors International Company, a permanent anchor. He started his own business and founded Al-Bustani Engineering and Contracting Company in 1985 AD in general contracting. Then residential contracting and real estate development since 1990 until now, and then developed into Al Bostany Real Estate development

His Projects

More than 200 residential projects in New Cairo
Pukka Medical Center, Al Rehab city,New Cairo
Degla Square mall in Maadi - commercial project
Greater Cairo Wastewater tunnels Project


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Recent News

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