10- Member of the Union of Arab Engineers.

The Federation of Arab Engineers is an Arab professional non-governmental organization that aims to unify the Arab engineering structure.
The union was established in 1963 and now includes 18 Arab engineering organizations.

It works to achieve the following objectives:
Mobilizing the capabilities of Arab engineers and devoting their efforts to serving the goals of the Arab nation in sustainable development, building its unity and political and economic independence, and supporting the just causes of the nation.
Raising the status of the engineering profession, setting rules for the ethics of the profession, regulating its practice, and promoting its scientific and professional level to meet the requirements of the renaissance in the Arab world.
Preserving the Arab engineering heritage, highlighting its impact on the progress of civilization, and working to contribute to its development and growth.
Studying and expressing opinions on engineering topics and issues of national or common nature, encouraging scientific research in the Arab world, and exchanging information and experience in various professional and technical fields.
Supporting engineering organizations in the Arab world and ensuring their continuity, legitimacy and independence in accordance with their laws and regulations, and working to establish Arab engineering organizations in countries where such organizations have not been established.
Raise the level of Arab engineers professionally, socially and culturally, raise their level of competence, pay attention to their training, and standardize the foundations and standards for their qualification and professional grades.
Seek to provide freedom of movement and work for Arab engineers in the Arab world and protect their professional rights.
Strengthening the relationship with regional and international engineering organizations to highlight the Arab engineering personality in international forums.
Coordinating with the League of Arab States and its bodies concerned with the work of the Union and striving to represent the Union in its councils and engineering committees.

The union achieves these goals through:
Holding engineering conferences and seminars of a strategic nature in the Arab world.
Issuing bulletins, periodicals and engineering magazines dealing with professional matters and engineering and technical research.
Work to create job opportunities for engineers, improve their social conditions, guarantee their rights, lay the foundations for minimum engineering fees, and open the horizons of the engineering labor market between Arab countries.
Effective contribution to evaluating projects in the Arab world, encouraging and supporting competitions and creativity initiatives, and creating prizes for this purpose.
Supporting and developing Arab engineering consulting offices to replace foreign expertise in the Arab world.
Contribute to finding the rules and means to benefit from the Arab engineering competencies in the diaspora to contribute to building the Arab world.
Encouraging the establishment of scientific and technological information centers in the Arab countries and encouraging the exchange of information among them.
Preparing a list of universities and engineering institutes accredited by the competent committee in the federation after the approval of the Supreme Council and reviewing it periodically.
Encouraging the establishment of training and qualification centers in Arab countries to develop continuous engineering education and organizing training courses on modern bases to raise the efficiency of engineers.